Residential Project Management Sydney

If you’re looking for a prestige home builder in Sydney who is trustworthy, honest and reliable look no further than Simon LaDelfa of SLD Projects Pty Ltd.

When a client comes to us with their own architectural plans, we can also undertake residential project management in Sydney.

Whether you want us to manage the entire project for you or whether you want us to co-manage it with you, we will apply our knowledge and skills in order to meet your requirements.

SLD Projects can help you plan your luxury home build as well as ensure every step is carried out properly. We will monitor the build making sure every trade is doing what they should be and that everything is running on time and to budget.

Having us as your residential project management team in Sydney means your luxury home is more likely to be completed on time, within budget and to the highest standards.

Our Experience

When you partner with us, you are getting the benefit of our experience. This is our everyday job. So we can take your ideas and make them happen.

Trying to do it completely on your own, if you have no real experience in the building industry, and not enough time to dedicate to the project, can be a disaster.

We are your insurance policy against a project that could run way over time and cost you much more than you budgeted for. Harness our knowledge and skills to get the best build you can.

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