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If you’re looking for a prestige home builder in Sydney who is trustworthy, honest and reliable look no further than Simon LaDelfa of SLD Projects Pty Ltd.

Building a home, particularly a luxury one, requires a raft of building design services. At SLD Projects we are committed to coordinating these services so that the process of building is not an overwhelming one for you.


Once you have your dream building block, we organise a surveyor to map out the contours or levels of the block. This determines what sort of structure can be built on it. We can then discuss options and cost factors with you.

We also look at the linen plan included with your contract of sale to discuss the impact of things like easements. For instance, a utility company may have an easement over a part of your property. This means you can’t build on that section of land in case access is required.  Generally, easements run along the borders of land parcels however they may still affect building design.

Plans can be very confusing for someone who doesn’t read them every day. Rest assured, we will go through everything with you and answer all your questions.

Local Government Area

We will also look at local council regulations and setback requirements. Each council has its own set of rules about how far back from boundaries you can build. Again, this will allow us to discuss different building design options with you.

At the end of the design process, we will also submit all the necessary applications to council so that building approval can be obtained.

Estate Guidelines

In newer development areas, estates often have their own set of guidelines relating to setbacks, fencing, roof slopes, building materials and so forth.

A land owner needs to get approval from the estate administrators as well as the local council before building works can proceed.

We go through all this with you and ensure your design choice meets all requirements.


We can happily work with an architect of your choice to design your luxury home. However, our building design service can also include a recommendation for an architect. The architects we work with offer professional, affordable service and excellence in architectural design.

Our Commitment

Building a home requires working with a number of professionals. Part of our commitment is explaining and coordinating the building design services that you need. Our aim is always to make your build as stress free as possible.

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